Secure Software Lifecycle Foundation

SDLC Course Introduction

This course is an intensive 3-days course that provides the principles of Secure Software Development Life Cycle and practical methods to secure software requirements, software design, software implementation, software testing, software acceptance, software deployment and maintenance your software development.

SDLC Course Objectives

  • To understand how to establish secure software development life cycle processes within your organization
  • To understand how to assess security requirements for software development
  • To understand secure design principles and how to incorporated into software design
  • To understand defensive coding practices and controls
  • To understand software vulnerability
  • To understand how to evaluate security risks to your software
  • To understand the important aspects of security operations and maintenance
  • To understand practice that are used in security supply chain

SDLC Course Prerequisite

  • None

Target Group

  • Application developer
  • Software development project manager
  • IT auditor
  • Tester
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Software Engineer
  • Information Security Officer
  • Database Administrator

Course Outline of SDLC

Day 1
    – Secure Software Concepts
    – SDLC Model
    – Secure Software Lifecycle
    – Security Requirement Principle
    – Policy Decomposition
    – Data Classification
    – Subject/Object Modeling
    – Use/Misuse Case Modeling
    – Requirements Documentation
    – Secure Design Principle
    – Security Design Considerations
    – Security Design Process
    – Securing Architectures and Technologies

Day 2
    – Secure Programming Principle
    – Secure Coding Practices
    – Secure Software Implementation Process
    – Security Testing Principle
    – Software Quality Assurance
    – Security Testing Process
    – Software Acceptance Considerations

Day 3
    – Software Deployment
    – Operation and Maintenance
    – Secure Disposal
    – Supply Chain Security
    – Supplier Sourcing
    – Supplier Management
    – Software Acquisition

Course Level



3 Days

Tuition Fee

21,000.00 THB

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