Project Management Professional (PMP Certification)

PMP Course Introduction

Project Delay, Over Budget, Communication Problem in Project, or even Project Fail. These problems are usually rooted from poor Project Management or non-standard Project Management. Sometimes there is no project management at all.

This course will give you standard for project management. Help you get your project on track. It also helps you make your project more manageable. This course is good for any project participant and it is a must for new Project manager, old project manager who never take the standard Project Management course or “the to be project manager” such as senior computer professional.

Examples in this course will focus on Computer/Information System Development and Computer/Information Security Development.

PMP Course Objectives

  • To give the guideline for a new project manager what is project management and change management (that related to a project) 
  • To study about a project life cycle and components of project.
  • To set the same/standard ground rules for managing a project.

PMP Course Prerequisite

  • Work Experience in Project at least 1 year

Target Group

  • Senior Operation Level (Senior System Analyst) or Management Level
  • Working experience in any area > 5 years or at least 1 year in Project Type area

Course Outline of PMP

Module 1: Project Charter & Scope Statement

  • Project Charter and Preliminary Scope Statement
  • Developing the Project Scope Statement
  • Creating the WBS and Communicating the Plan
Module 2: Risk and Resource Planning
  • Risk Planning
  • Resource Planning
Module 3: Project Schedule and Budget
  • Creating the Project Plan and Schedule
  • Creating the Project Budget
Module 4: Project Organization
  • Understanding Project Organization
  • Developing the Project Team
Module 5: Project Performance
  • Measuring and Controlling Project Performance
  • Project Change Management
Module 6: Project Controlling and Closing
  • Controlling Work Results and Closing Out the Project

20-21,24-26 June 2024

Course Level



5 Days

Tuition Fee

29,500.00 THB


A.Wisut Suwansukroj
PMP/ CISSP/ CISA / Security + / LPI Level 1 / ITILv2 / ITILv3 / ISO_IEC20000/ MCSE+I / MCDBA / CCNA /
NASD (Series 7) / Master CIW Administrator / CIW Security Analyst
Senior Instructor, ACIS Professional Center

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