Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester

ERPT Course Objectives

This class is for everyone who want to be a security expert that will come up with 0-day and various (restricted computing environment) escape strategies.

ERPT Course Prerequisite

  • None

Target Group

  • Technical Security Expert

Course Outline of ERPT

Day 1

  • Advanced Network Attack
  • Accessing the Network
  • Manipulating the Network
  • Take Advantage of network protocols

Day 2

  • Modes of Encription
  • Encryption and Obfuscation
  • Cryptographic Attacks
  • Escaping from Restricted Computing Environment

Day 3

  • Python For Exploit Researcher
  • The Art and Science of Fuzzing
  • Creating Packets in Scapy
  • Fuzzing Techniques
  • Fuzz Testing using Sulley
  • Fuzzing Code Coverage Determination

Day 4

  • Exploit Linux Environment
  • Memory
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Linux Shellcode
  • Smashing the Stack
  • Advanced Stack Smashing
  • Defeat Stack Protection
  • Bypassing Address Space Layout Randomisation

Day 5

  • Investigating Windows OS Protections and Complier-Time Control
  • Introduction to Windows Exploitation
  • Windows Overflows
  • Defeating DEP, ASLR, and Windows 8 ROP Protection
  • Building and Importing Metasploit Modules
  • Windows Shellcode

Course Level



5 Days

Tuition Fee

32,000.00 THB

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