COBIT 5 Implementation

COBITI Course Introduction

This is an APMG’s official course which is a prerequisite for COBIT 5 Implementation certification exam.

COBITI Course Objectives

  • To list the benefits of IT governance and how it relates to enterprise governance
  • To list the enterprise environmental factors affecting the implementation of IT governance
  • To apply IT governance frameworks, such as COBIT 5, as an integral part of the enterprise governance development
  • To define the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders for creating the right environment
  • To list the continual improvement life cycle approach for the implementation of IT governance
  • To list the pain points or trigger events for implementing IT initiatives in enterprise governance
  • To define the roles and requirements of external and internal stakeholders during IT governance implementation
  • To list the challenges, root causes, and critical success factors for each phase in the implementation life cycle
  • To define the responsibilities of each group of role players required to support each phase
  • To define the continual improvement, change enablement, and program management tasks for each phase

COBITI Course Prerequisite

Target Group

    – Enterprise Architect
    – IT Manager
    – Business Analyst
    – Chief Information Officer
    – Chief Information Security Officer
    – IT Governance Officer

Course Outline of COBITI

Day 1
    – Introduction
    – Positioning IT Governance
    – Taking the First Steps
    – What Are the Drivers?
    – Where Are We Now? And Where Do We Want to Be?

Day 2
    – What Need to Be Done? And How Do We Get There?
    – Did We Get There? And How Do We Keep the Momentum Going?

Course Level



2 Days

Tuition Fee

16,500.00 THB

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