Cloud and Big Data Foundation

CLBD Course Introduction

Cloud and Big Data Foundation is a 6-hour course. This introductory course provides a balanced curriculum and addresses the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing and Big Data. It also explains how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud and the fundamental of Big Data and it’s conceptual and tools

CLBD Course Objectives

  • Understand the common terms and definitions of cloud computing and big data.
  • Comprehend the business benefits and business considerations of cloud computing.
  • Understand cloud computing and big data from a technical perspective and recognize the various techniques, methods, challenges, types, data source and data mining of clouds and big data.
  • Understand the impact and changes of cloud computing and big data on IT service management.
  • Explain typical steps that lead to the successful adoption of cloud computing and big data, and understand the implications for an organization.
  • Recognize the compliance, risk, and regulatory consequences of cloud computing and its financial and strategic impact on an organization.

Target Group

  • IT Consultants
  • Business Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Small and Mid-Size Business Owners
  • Specialist (IT, security, infrastructure, services, systems, test, and so on)
  • IT Developers
  • Service Providers
  • System Integrators
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • IT Management

Course Outline of CLBD

Morning Session
    – Introduction to Cloud Computing
    – Business Perspective
    – Technical Perspective
    – Adopting the Cloud
    – Operating in the Cloud
    – Governing the Cloud

Afternoon Session
    – Big Data Fundamentals
    – Big Data Source
    – Data Mining Conceptual and Tools
    – Big Data Technologies
      – MongoDB
      – Hadoop

Course Level



1 Day

Tuition Fee

7,900.00 THB

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