Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer

CDPSE Course Introduction

This 3-days intensive course is designed for a professional preparing for the ISACA's CDPSE exam to gain more confidence. This course will wrap-up only key concept and vital knowledge of each domain. It is recommended that attendee should have hands-on experiences or familiar with information privacy job before attend this course. Valuable technique for the exam will be shared by the exam passer.

CDPSE Course Objectives

  • To prepare for the ISACA's CDPSE examination
  • To summarize vital knowledge based on the latest exam domain
  • To learn some techniques from the experienced exam passer

Target Group

Chief Information Privacy Officer, Data Protection Officer, Privacy Architect, Privacy Engineer, Privacy Manager, Privacy Consultant

Course Outline of CDPSE

Day 1
    – Personal Data and Information
    – Privacy Laws and Standards Across Jurisdictions
    – Privacy Documentation
    – Legal Purpose, Consent and Legitimate Interest
    – Data Subject Rights
    – Roles and Responsibilities Related to Data
    – Privacy Training and Awareness
    – Vendor and Third-Party Management
    – Audit Process
    – Privacy Incident Management
    – Risk Management Process
    – Problematic Data Actions Affecting Privacy
    – Privacy Impact Assessment

Day 2
    – Self-managed Infrastructure, Including Technology Stacks
    – Cloud Computing
    – Endpoints
    – Remote Access
    – System Hardening
    – Secure Development Life Cycle
    – Application and Software Hardening
    – APIs and Services
    – Tracking Technologies
    – Communication and Transport ProtocolsvEncryption, Hashing and De-identification
    – Key Management
    – Monitoring and Logging
    – Identity and Access Management

Day 3
    – Data Inventory and Classification
    – Data Quality
    – Data Flow and Usage Diagrams
    – Data Use Limitation
    – Data Analytics
    – Data Minimization
    – Data Migration
    – Data Storage
    – Data Warehousing
    – Data Retention and Archiving
    – Data Destruction

3-4 November 2022

Course Level



2 Days

Tuition Fee

18,500.00 THB


ACIS Certified Professional Instructor

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