Basic Network-based Infrastructure Attacking

BNI Course Introduction

Present, The Organization drive business with Information Technology (IT) also Cyber Security is concerned for most organization, Component of Technical Cyber Security & Trend still are Network, System both of the wiring and wireless, Applications network infrastructure that need to be more secured.

The Cyber Security is on top of Information Technology (IT) but most IT Peoples does not know cover Information Technology (IT) skills, that will be problem to understand Cyber Security Concept and Technical Hands-on.

This Course will emphasize at the fundamental skill of Cyber Technology, knowledge & technical skill such as Networking Skill, System Skill, Application Skill and overview Cyber Security concept to be base knowledge of Technical Cyber Security, Basic Penetration Testing and Preventive for protecting Organizations? Network.

BNI Course Objectives

  • To Understand Cyber Technology fundamental Knowledge for cyber Security
  • To Understand Overall of Networking Skill (Switching, Routing, etc.)
  • To Understand Overall of System Skill (Windows, Linux)
  • To Hands-on System Administration Skill
  • To Understand Technical Basic of Information Security

BNI Course Prerequisite

  • Interesting in IT Field

Target Group

  • Network engineer
  • System engineer
  • Who interested

Course Outline of BNI

  • Network basics
    • TCP/UDP
    • OSI Model
    • IP Address (IPv4 & IPv6)
    • Network Adapter / Protocol / Application
  • The Art of Port scanning
    • How to find the Vulnerabilities
    • Port scan tools
    • Nmap / nikto / Unicornscan
  • Target Enumeration
    • Discover the potential attack
    • Windows / Linux Enumeration
  • Brute-forcing
    • Password cracking
    • Crack the hashing
    • Popular Tools for brute-force Attacks
  • Metasploit Basics
    • What is the Exploitation
    • Metasploit ? Penetration Testing with KALI
  • Hacking recent Unix/Linux Vulnerabilities
    • Learn the Unix / Linux Vulnerabilities
    • Look for Unix / Linux Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking Databases
    • What is the SQL Injection
    • How to Exploit the database
  • Hacking Application Servers
    • Trend and Tools Hacking Application
    • Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking third party applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
    • Vulnerabilities Scanners Tools third party applications
    • Attacking WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Hacking recent Windows Vulnerabilities
    • Checking & Scanning Windows Vulnerabilities
    • How to exploit the Windows
  • Client-Side Attack
    • Reconnaissance
    • Information Gathering
  • Client-Side Attack
    • Know how to find the Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures
    • privilege escalation
    • How to protect the basic Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking Windows Domains
    • Hacking Windows Server Active Directory

Course Level



3 Days

Tuition Fee

21,000.00 THB

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