Big Data for Security Analytics

BDAS Course Introduction

As big data rapidly becomes a vital part of enterprise information architectures, organizations want to increase their big data capabilities and make it easier to explore new opportunities. New technologies in the areas of big-data and security analytics are arising and becoming more concerned.
This course is aimed at a wide ranging audience who can benefit from an introduction to big data and analytics. It is intended for both technical and non-technical audiences who want to gain understanding of technologies and challenges of analyzing and utilizing ‘big data’. In particular, it is aimed at managers and decision makers in all aspects related to defense and security. No prior knowledge or experience with statistical or mathematical modelling is required – all the necessary concepts will be introduced with a non-technical audience in mind and with explanation of the more technical content made intuitive. However technically-inclined students should find the content appealing as well, as selected technical aspects will be covered in more detail.

BDAS Course Objectives

  • Understand basic concepts related to data mining algorithms and big data technology
  • Be able to assess the potential value of big data solutions to particular problems
  • Understand challenges related to development of big data solutions and being able to correctly assess the value proposition
  • Gain understanding of the various aspects involved in managing introduction of big data technologies to their organization

BDAS Course Prerequisite

  • CLBD

Target Group

  • Security Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Security Administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Engineer
  • Systems Architect

Course Outline of BDAS

Day 1
    – >Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
    – Map-reduce & Big Data Analytics
    – Big Data Lakes
    – Predictive Analytics
    – Advantages of Big Data & How Big Data Can Benefit Many Organizations
    – Structured & Unstructured Data
    – Data Mining Techniques
    – How Machine Learning Gets Involved in Big Data Technologies

Day 2
    – One Big Concern : Big Data Security
    – Possible Impacts in Case of Security Breach
    – How Big Data Can Be Secured
    – What Are Networks & What Use is It to Study Them?
    – Random Network Models
    – How Cloud Computing & Big Data Techniques Can Be Used to Solve Massive Scale Problems

Course Level



2 Days

Tuition Fee

15,900.00 THB

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