Intensive BCP Workshop for COVID 19

BCP-COVID Course Introduction

Are you prepared after the Phase 2 of the outbreak? If not, this is the last chance. COVIT 19 is far more dangerous than you think.

Business disruption is difficult to predict but can be mitigated if well prepared. Among those disruptions, some may turn to disaster which even more difficult to handle without a plan. In recent years, many examples of disaster have shown us the loss in lives, assets, and even company?s reputation. There are standards that help organizations to achieve a plan to cope with disasters, and one of them is ISO22301, The Business Continuity Management System.

This course is an intensive 2-days course that teaches the principles of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and practical methods to develop, test, and maintain your business continuity plan.

BCP-COVID Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • To establish the knowledge in BC program lifecycle processes within the organization.
  • To make capable of conducting the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
  • To cost-effectively identify and select BC recovery strategies.
  • To develop skills in writing a BCP document.
  • To understand an effective test plan for BCP testing.
  • To understand processes on maintaining the BC plan.

Target Group

  • Management
  • Managers
  • BCP Officers
  • Auditors
  • Compliance Officers

Course Outline of BCP-COVID

Day 1

  • Overview World Events and Needs of BCM
  • ISO22301 Business continuity management system (BCMS)
  • Prioritizing systems and functions for recovery
    • Business Impact Analysis [BIA]
    • Business Process identification for BIA
    • Assessing and quantifying impact of disruptions to business processes
    • Damage Assessment and salvage process
    • Impact of disaster-technology and business
    • Strategy driven plan development
    • BIA Reporting and getting Executive Management approval
  • Business impact analysis (BIA) + Workshop
  • Risk assessment (RA) + Workshop
Day 2
  • How to implement BCM via ISO22301
  • Set up your devices
    • Set up your LAN,Connect to internet
  • Order Food Online
    • From the restaurant or Store
      S&P / MK / TOP
    • From the delivery
      How to use Lineman/Grabfood/FoodPanda
  • How to Use Line for BCP
    • Set Line Group / Make Group Line call / Send your location for help
  • Transportation Service
    • Emergency Number List
    • JS100 Application
    • GrabTaxi
  • VDO Call / Conference
    • Skype Meeting / VDO Call /Zoom
    • Cast PC to Smart TV
  • Set up Virtual Private Network
    • Share connection / Remote access to your computer /Dynamic IP DNS Service
  • Incident management plan (IMP) and Business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Exercise Preparation, Template and Documents & Embedded BCM in your Culture

Course Level



2 Days

Tuition Fee

21,000.00 THB

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